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images 11 Harmony Rd.
Spring Valley, NY 10977
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images Phone:    845-678-3600

Transportation Services

MedWay Transportation, Inc. is able to serve private families, medical care homes, hospitals, day care centers and others who are located Spring Valley, New York as well as in neighboring locations. We know the fastest and safest routes to get you to your destination.

Among the many medical transportation services we provide are the following:

  • Wheelchair and stretcher transport
  • Transportation to and from a dialysis
  • Elderly group outings and gatherings
  • Transportation for Cardiac or Respiratory Care patients
  • Transportation support for hospital admission and discharge
  • Transportation to and from train stations and other area occasion
  • Transportation to and from senior centers and adult day care institutions
  • Transportation assistance in nursing home admission or discharge
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments (standing order basis)
  • Transportation to and from any type of medical appointment (one-time basis)
  • Family visits in and outside of town

Please call us at 845-678-3600 if you have inquiries. You can also email us at

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